Cycling for Spinal Cord & Brain Research

On Tuesday, March 5, a pair of British emergency room physicians cycling around the world to raise funds and awareness for two charities supporting spinal cord and brain research (Spinal Research and the Brain Foundation) stopped by the McKnight Brain Institute.

The physicians, Lloyd Collier and Louis Snellgrove, are also in pursuit of a Guinness World Record for round the world tandem cycling. Inspired by Snellgrove’s late uncle who suffered from spinal cord injury, they will complete the final 10,000 kilometers of their journey travelling across the U.S. from Florida to San Francisco. They began their quest in August.

The cyclists visited with Gordon Mitchell, Ph.D., director of UF’s Center for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation and member of the MBI’s Executive Committee, his team and other MBI researchers who greeted the duo as they arrived at the MBI’s entrance.

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