Leah Reznikov Discusses the Link Between Anxiety and Asthma on UF Vet Med Voice

Leah Reznikov

Asthma attacks account for nearly one-third of all asthma deaths. Anxiety is a common comorbidity in asthma that is associated with poorer asthma control and decreased quality of life. Despite links between asthma attacks and anxiety, there have been few studies in the asthma field of the amygdala, the brain region that initiates anxiety. In the most recent UF Vet Med Voice podcast, Dr. Leah Reznikov, a BREATHE Steering Committee member, discusses how her research aims to tackle this considerable gap and develop new therapeutic approaches to treat asthma and reduce patient deaths. Check out the full episode on Apple Podcasts or listen below!

Anxiety and Asthma: Understanding Communication between Brain and Airway | UF Vet Med Voice