Dr. Adrienn Varga Appointed as Assistant Professor in Neuroscience

BREATHE T32 alumnus, Dr. Adrienn Varga has joined the Department of Neuroscience as their newest Assistant Professor. Dr. Varga’s research focuses on determining the cellular, circuit, and network-level mechanisms whereby respiratory control neurons in the brainstem interact with central circuits to shape each breath. Current projects are focusing on a neural pathway that her lab recently discovered between the locus coeruleus and pontine respiratory group, that may be pivotal in understanding state-dependent influences on breathing. Her lab uses whole-cell patch clamp recordings and optogenetics for functional circuit mapping, and to elucidate cell-type specific synaptic signaling in respiratory circuits. To link synaptic function and neural activity to breathing behaviors, they use the in situ working heart-brainstem preparation of the mouse,  as well as fiber photometry combined with optical methods and synchronous whole-body plethysmography in awake mice. Congratulations on your new appointment, Dr. Varga!