Yasin Seven Joins Department of Physiological Sciences as Assistant Professor

Dr. Yasin Seven, former Mitchell Lab member and BREATHE Center trainee, has recently joined the Department of Physiological Sciences as a tenure-track Assistant Professor. Dr. Seven has been developing cell-specific nanoparticle-based therapies to target respiratory centers in the brain, with the aim of improving respiratory function via neuroprotection and neuroplasticity.

Yasin Seven
Dr. Yasin Seven, Assistant Professor of Physiological Sciences

One of the major challenges in the field of respiratory neural control is the lack of available treatments that specifically target respiratory neurons, despite respiratory failure and airway protection being major causes of morbidity and mortality in various neurological disorders and trauma. Dr. Seven’s pioneering work aims to address this critical issue by developing novel drug delivery systems that can overcome the blood-brain barrier and selectively target respiratory neural network in the brain.

Dr. Seven’s research efforts are complemented by his lab’s use of advanced research tools and techniques, including freely-behaving respiratory functional assessment, in vivo real-time tissue oxygen recordings and enzymatic detection of neurotransmitters, in vivo single unit recordings, and cutting-edge data analytic approaches. This interdisciplinary approach will enable Dr. Seven and his team to develop new and more effective respiratory therapies and neural tracers that could lead to significant improvements in patient outcomes. Congratulations on your new appointment, Dr. Seven!