BREATHE at APS Summit 2023

BREATHE members and trainees were in full force at the American Physiological Society Summit in Long Beach, CA. Beyond presenting nearly 30 posters and 10 oral presentations, BREATHE helped sponsor the Control of Breathing Mixer: Hot Topics in Respiratory Control, organized the Marilyn Menker Trainee Highlights Breakfast, and rocked the house with a special performance by The Third Reviewers (featuring Drs. David Fuller & Erica Dale). Clearly, we had an outsized presence at this annual gathering of physiologists from across the world! Four of our members/trainees also garnered awards for their work:

Dr. Erica Dale, BREATHE Steering Committee member, received the Giles F. Filley Memorial Award for Excellence in Respiratory Physiology & Medicine as a tribute to her innovative research in epidural stimulation and spinal cord injury. Dr. Dale reflects, “I am thrilled and incredibly humbled to receive the Giles Filley. Over the years, I’ve watched my mentors and colleagues that have received this, and I am just over the moon to be put in such great company. It’s especially gratifying because I’ve developed a research program here at UF that blends my PhD work in respiratory neuroplasticity and my post-doctoral work in epidural stimulation and spinal cord injury. I see it as creating the ‘dream’ because I’m doing the science I’ve always wanted to do. To be recognized and supported for this dream of mine means everything.”

Dr. Sabhya Rana, postdoc in Dr. David Fuller’s Lab, received the Respiration Section Outstanding Trainee Award for her outstanding work on the use of ampakine therapy to restore breathing function in preclinical models of respiratory insufficiency. Dr. Rana notes, “I am truly humbled by this recognition. I believe this is a testament to the incredible mentorship I’ve received over the course of my doctoral to post-doctoral career, along with the support of all my colleagues. I hope to continue contributing meaningfully to our field of study.”

Alyssa Mickle, BREATHE T32 predoc trainee, & Ethan Benevides, predoc in Dr. David Fuller’s lab, received the Respiration Section Research Recognition Award for their presentations during this year’s meeting. Mickle presented her new research with Dr. Erica Dale: “’Closed-loop electrical epidural stimulation restores ipsilesional in-phase diaphragm activity in spontaneously breathing rats after acute C2-hemisection.” Benevides presented his new research with Dr. David Fuller: “Chemogenetic activation of phrenic motoneurons.” Mickle reflects on her recognition by noting that “this work would not have been possible without the awesome Dale lab team and the support and guidance of members of the BREATHE Center community, which I am very grateful to be part of.” Benevides states how “humbling it is to have my work recognized by experts in the field, which motivates me to continue working hard in a meaningful and significant way.”

In addition to these awards, three of our trainees received Abstract of Distinction recognition for their poster presentations.

  • Dr. Sabhya Rana received two recognition from the Respiration Section for her posters below:
    • Low dose ampakine CX717 increases ventilation in a rat model of Pompe Disease
    • Daily low dose ampakine treatment causes a sustained increase in diaphragm activation following chronic cervical spinal cord injury
  • Lucas Budd (Mitchell Lab trainee) received recognition from the Central Nervous System Section for his poster below:
    • Prolonged red light disrupts circadian hormones associated with phrenic neuroplasticity
  • Dr. Alex Marciante received recognition from the Respiration and Central Nervous System Section for her posters below:
    • Pattern of Acute Intermittent Hypoxia Protocol Impacts Phrenic Long-term Facilitation
    • ApoE4 undermines phrenic motor plasticity elicited by acute intermittent hypoxia with or without hypercapnia during the active phase

Congratulations to all awardees, presenters, and organizers! Get a glimpse into BREATHE at APS in our photo gallery below and be sure to check out Drs. Erica Dale & David Fuller’s epic performance with the Third Reviewers here.