CoBAD: Bates

The Control of Breathing and Airway Defense (CoBAD) Seminar Series will feature Dr. Melissa Bates on Friday, May 26 at 3:00pm ET. Dr. Bates’s work has focused on three areas with strong thematic overlap: 1) sleep-disordered breathing as a driver of blood cancer, 2) oxygen stress in the perinatal period and its influence on survivorship, and 3) survivorship in children and young adults with blood cancers. She has an emerging interest in disparities as drivers of physiological variability. Her seminar is entitled: Understanding Emerging Populations: Lessons for Experimental Design in the Control of Breathing.

You can learn more about Dr. Bates’s work in American Journal of Physiology, volume 324, issue 4, pages H542-H552.

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NOTE: This session will be recorded and available on our CoBAD YouTube playlist.