2023 BREATHE Center Retreat

BREATHE Retreat 2023

The Breathing Research and Therapeutics Center hosted it’s 6th Retreat on May 19, 2023.  The event was held at the Austin Cary Forest Campus with over 80 attendees. The day included a methods blitz from 15 faculty & trainees, covering the breadth of research happening across the center. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Jack Feldman, Distinguished Professor of Neurobiology at UCLA, presented Breathing: Inspiring, Sighing, Laughing, Calming; giving attendees an in-depth look at the important scientific advancements in the field of respiratory research. The day concluded with a breathwork session featuring Stephen Patterson (Wim Hof certified-instructor) and Drs. Steven Pratscher & Irene Estores, who presented an overview of different breathwork research currently happening at UF.

View the full program here.