The BREATHE Center was pleased to be part of the 6th International CCHS Science Conference held at the Disney World Beach Club resort in Orlando, Florida from September 6-9, 2023. The aim of this meeting was to target collaborations among researchers and clinicians to advance understanding and treatment of congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS), a rare neurological disorder and life-long condition characterized by inadequate breathing during sleep and, in severe cases, even during wakeful periods. The agenda was lined with top respiratory researchers and friends of the center, including Drs. Douglas Bayliss, Patrice Guyenet, Silvia Pagliardini, and Jan Marino (Nino) Ramirez. BREATHE members also had a strong showing at the conference with a special talk given by Director Gordon Mitchell and poster presentations from BREATHE potdocs, Drs. Alex Marciante & Sabhya Rana. You can check out a video summary of the event here.

Prior to the conference, BREATHE hosted Drs. Gad Vatine and Avraham Ashkenazi, as well as members of the CCHS Network, Dr. Melinda Riccitelli (President), Dr. Eddy Yang (Chair of Research) and Marne Harvich-Chergi (board member) with her daughter Cassidy. During a Special Seminar, Dr. Gad Vatine presented: Studying Mechanisms Underlying CCHS Using Patient-derived Autonomic Neurons & Dr. Melinda Riccitelli presented an overview of the CCHS Network to BREATHE Center members. The group met with faculty and trainees to discuss the important research being done for this condition, received lab tours of Drs. Mitchell & Fuller labs, enjoyed lunch with BREATHE members & attended a dinner with Steering Committee members and Dr. Barry Byrne (Associate Chair of Pediatrics and Director of the Powell Gene Therapy Center at UF).

The BREATHE Center is proud to be part of the CCHS Network’s efforts to cast a light in the dark for the families whose lives are affected by this disease.