Alyssa Mickle Leads Publication in Journal of Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology

Alyssa Mickle

BREATHE T32 predoc, Alyssa Mickle, lead a recent publication in the Journal of Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology along with BREATHE members, Dr. Erica Dale, Dr. David Baekey, and Jesús Peñaloza-Aponte. The Dale Lab has shown that closed-loop epidural stimulation (CL-ES) elicits respiratory plasticity in the form of increased phrenic network excitability, which is essential for function; however, the potential of this treatment to create functional benefits for things like breathing function after injury has not yet been demonstrated. The results from this study support the use of CL-ES as a therapeutic to rescue breathing after high cervical spinal cord injury, with the potential to lead to lasting recovery and device independence.

Check out the full publication here: Closed-loop cervical epidural stimulation partially restores ipsilesional diaphragm EMG after acute C2 hemisection.