BREATHE Alum, Dr. Joe Welch, Wins Experimental Physiology Inaugural Review Prize 2023

Joe Welch

BREATHE alumnus Dr. Joseph Welch, an Assistant Professor at the University of Birmingham, UK, was award the 2023 Inaugural Review Prize from Experimental Physiology. This prize is awarded to an early career researcher within the first 3 years of their first full faculty appointment. Applicants submit a 1-page proposal for a review that reports novel insights into homeostatic and adaptive responses in health and pathophysiological mechanisms in disease. As the winner of this annual prize, Dr. Welch published a Review article in Experimental Physiology and received a prize of £1000. He notes: “Our review puts forward a novel hypothesis to explain the nature of exercise hyperpnoea—the most common and most powerful of all respiratory adjustments. The review emphasizes concepts such as learning, memory and plasticity, and highlights a possible salient role of the cerebellum. New neuroscience methods to test these hypotheses are discussed with the aim of generating new ideas and renewed study of one of the major unanswered questions in physiology.” We would like to both congratulate and thank Dr. Welch on this win, as he has chosen to donate the prize fund to our center!

Read the full article here: The exercise hyperpnoea dilemma: A 21st-century perspective.