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The UF Breathing Research and Therapeutics (BREATHE) Center is proud to sponsor the Control of Breathing and Airway Defense (CoBAD) International Online Seminar Series. Inaugurated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in Spring 2020, this series invites speakers to cover key elements of CoB and airway defense (e.g., rhythm generation, chemoreception, neuromodulation, plasticity, opioid depression, inflammation, sleep apnea, dysphagia, and breathing with neuromuscular disease). Our Programming Committee selects a variety of speakers to represent the breadth and depth of our field. Our Spring/Summer series will be held twice monthly on Fridays at 3 pm ET via Zoom from February 12 until September 10.

Register for the Spring/Summer Seminar Series at You can also check us out on Instagram! All videos are available in our Video Library.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • February 12 – Dan Mulkey, PhD, UConn: “Disordered breathing in a mouse model of Pitt Hopkins syndrome”
  • February 26 – Mai ElMallah, MD, Duke & David Fuller, PhD, UF: “Understanding and treating respiratory dysfunction in Pompe disease”
  • March 12 – Rebecca German, PhD, Northeast Ohio Medical Univ & Francois Gould, PhD, Rowan Univ: “Breathing matters for sucking and swallowing”
  • March 26 – Alan Schwartz, MD, Johns Hopkins; Tatum Simonson, PhD, UCSD; Luu Pham, MD, Johns Hopkins; & Omar Mesarwi, MD, UCSD: “Genetics and physiology of hypoxia responses: From mountain tops to bench tops to the clinic”
  • April 9 – Bill Milsom, PhD & Graham Scott, PhD; “Control of breathing in birds and mammals native to high altitude”
  • April 23 – On a break for EB2021-related events
  • May 7 – David Gozal, MD; “Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia and the Metagenomic-Exosomal Connection: Relevance to Sleep Apnea Morbidity”
  • May 21 – Kevin Yackle, MD, PhD; “Breathing in distinct states: opioid overdose and vocalization”
  • June 4 – Tracy Baker, PhD; “Maternal intermittent hypoxia reprograms adult respiratory control and the gut microbiome in male offspring”
  • June 18 – Jan-Marino Ramirez, PhD; “Deciphering the dynamic assembly of a breath”
  • July 2 – No seminar (US Independence Holiday)
  • July 16 – Cliff Saper, MD, PhD, and Satvinder Kaur, PhD; “Brain Circuitry for Arousal from Sleep Apnea”
  • July 30POSTPONED Bonnie Martin-Harris, PhD; “Cross-system Integration of Respiration and Deglutition: Function, Disorders & Treatment”
  • August 13 – Carlos Mantilla, MD, PhD; “Regulation of diaphragm muscle function in health and disease”
  • August 27 – Tammie Bishop, PhD; Title TBD
  • September 10 – Natasha Kumar, PhD; Title TBD

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