CoBAD Online Seminars


The UF Breathing Research and Therapeutics (BREATHE) Center is proud to sponsor the Control of Breathing and Airway Defense (CoBAD) International Online Seminar Series. Inaugurated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in Spring 2020, this series invites speakers to cover key elements of CoB and airway defense (e.g., rhythm generation, chemoreception, neuromodulation, plasticity, opioid depression, inflammation, sleep apnea, dysphagia, and breathing with neuromuscular disease). Our Programming Committee selects a variety of speakers to represent the breadth and depth of our field. Our Spring/Summer 2023 series was held twice monthly on Fridays at 3 pm ET via Zoom from March 31 until August 4.

You can check us out on Instagram! All videos are available on our CoBAD YouTube playlist.

Confirmed speakers included:

  • March 31 – Anton Sirota, PhD: Breathing Modulates Memory Consolidation Dynamics During Offline States in Mice
  • April 14 (POSTPONED TO JUNE 16) – José López-Barneo, MD, PhD: Unraveling the Molecular Mechanism of Oxygen Regulation of Breathing by Arterial Chemoreceptors
  • April 28 – Jose Otero, MD, PhD & Christopher Wilson, PhD: The Value of Variability in Ventilation
  • May 12 – Colleen Farmer, PhD: Evolution and Diversification of Aerodynamic Valves in Vertebrate Lungs
  • May 26 – Melissa Bates, PhD: Understanding Emerging Populations: Lessons for Experimental Design in the Control of Breathing
  • June 9 – Lana Zholudeva, PhD & Michael Lane, PhD: Improving Recovery After Cervical Spinal Cord Injury
  • June 23 – Erica Heinrich, PhD & Bob Banzett, PhD: Dyspnea: Mechanisms, Clinical Impacts, and Future Tools for Monitoring and Treatment
  • July 7 – Anthony DiMarco, MD: Inspiratory Muscle Pacing via High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • July 21 – Teresa Lever, PhD & Callum Ross, PhD: Animal Models of Swallowing: What Species Diversity Teaches Us
  • August 4 – Brian Dlouhy, MD: Novel insights into Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) from at-risk patients

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