Intermittent Hypoxia Workshop & Retreat

Since 2016, the UF BREATHE Center has hosted researchers from across the world at our biannual Intermittent Hypoxia Workshops & Retreats. These events feature laboratories interested in intermittent hypoxia, its physiological impact, and its therapeutic potential. Topics range from basic science (cellular/network mechanisms) and translational studies in animal models or humans through the potential for clinical utilization. Although the emphasis is on plasticity and the therapeutic potential of low-dose intermittent hypoxia, there is also consideration of the transition to pathogenesis once intermittent hypoxia becomes too severe.

IH Workshop
Intermittent Hypoxia Virtual Workshop, 2022

The BREATHE Center hosted the latest Therapeutic Intermittent Hypoxia Virtual Workshop on January 7th & 14th, 2022 (3-7pm EST). With presentations from some of the leading researchers in IH, the event built upon previous workshops and expanded upon work outlined in a recent special issue of Experimental Neurology edited by Gordon Mitchell, Randy Trumbower, and Gillian Muir. The full list of speakers and topics from this event is available.

Previous IH Workshop & Retreat Agendas

Intermittent Hypoxia Workshop, February 2020