Center Affiliates

 Researcher/Clinician NameTitleDepartmentSpecialties
Russell BauerRussell Bauer, PhD, ABPPProfessorDepartment of Clinical & Health PsychologyTraumatic brain injury
BrantlyMark Brantly, MDProfessorDivision of Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep MedicinePulmonary disease and critical care
ChandranVijayendran Chandran, PhDAssistant ProfessorDepartment of PediatricsPeripheral and central nervous system regeneration
Evangelos ChristouEvangelos Christou, PhDProfessorDepartment of Applied Physiology & KinesiologyAging and neuromuscular control
David J. ClarkDavid Clark, ScDAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Aging & Geriatric ResearchRehabilitation from stroke and SCI (human movement)
CortiManuela Corti, PT, PhDResearch Assistant ProfessorDepartment of PediatricsPompe, gene therapy
Steven DeKoskySteven DeKosky, MDProfessor & Deputy DirectorDepartment of NeurologyTraumatic brain injury
Carolyn GeisCarolyn Geis, MDAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Orthopaedics & RehabilitationClinical SCI
Aysegul GunduzAysegul Gunduz, PhDAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Biomedical EngineeringSignal processing, deep brain stimulation
Daniel HohDaniel Hoh, MDAssociate ProfessorDepartment of NeurosurgeryMinimally invasive and complex spine surgery; spinal cord regeneration; neurologic rehabilitation; treatment of spinal degenerative, trauma, deformity, tumor, rheumatologic, and infectious disorders
Mike JaffeeMichael Jaffee, MD, FAAN, FANAProfessor & Vice ChairDepartment of NeurologyTraumatic brain injury
Jack JudyJack Judy, PhDDirectorNanoscience Institute for Medical and Engineering TechnologyAdvanced neural-interface technology and systems, autonomic neuroengineering; neuroprosthetics
MandelRonald Mandel, PhDProfessorDepartment of NeuroscienceAAV for neuroanatomical tracing of respiratory pathways and gene therapy
Michael OkunMichael Okun, MDProfessor & ChairDepartment of NeurologyClinical movement disorders
Dana OtzelDana Otzel, PhD, ATC, LATHealth Science SpecialistMalcolm Randall VA Medical CenterHuman and rodent studies of muscle/bone rehabilitation after SCI
Karim OweissKarim Oweiss, PhDProfessorDepartment of Biomedical EngineeringNeuroengineering, cortical compensation for SCI; neural interface design to restore, augment or repair lost sensorimotor function
Divya PatelDivya Patel, DOClinical Assistant ProfessorDivision of Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep MedicinePulmonary disease, sarcoidosis, critical care medicine
PrabhakaranSreekala Prabhakaran, MDClinical Associate ProfessorPediatric Pulmonary DivisionSleep patterns and sleep disorders
Jose PrincipeJosé Principe, PhDDistinguished ProfessorDepartment of Electrical and Computer EngineeringNeural Networks; Digital Signal Processing, Brain Machine Interfaces
SwansonMaurice Swanson, MS, PhDProfessor & Associate DirectorDepartment of Molecular Genetics & MicrobiologyCo/post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression and RNA-mediated disease mechanisms
TaivassaloTanja Taivassalo, PhDAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Physiology & Functional GenomicsMuscle dysfunction & therapeutics in human DMD
Floyd ThompsonFloyd Thompson, PhDProfessor EmeritusDepartment of NeuroscienceSpasticity after TBI/SCI
Shahab VahdatShahab Vahdat, PhDAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Applied Physiology & KinesiologyImaging SCI and stroke in human and rodent models
VaillancourtDavid Vaillancourt, PhDProfessor & ChairDepartment of Applied Physiology & KinesiologyBrain regulation of movement with focus on voluntary and involuntary motor disorders
Terrie VasilopoulosTerrie Vasilopoulos, PhDAssistant ProfessorDepartment of AnesthesiologyHypoxia/oxygen in anesthesia
Heather VincentHeather Vincent, PhD, FACSMAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Orthopaedics & RehabilitationRehabilitation from SCI
Mary WagnerMary Wagner, MDClinical ProfessorDepartment of PediatricsSleep disordered breathing
Charles WoodCharles Wood, PhDProfessor & ChairDepartment of Physiology and Functional GenomicsFetal hypoxia
Samuel WuSamuel Wu, PhDProfessor & Program DirectorDepartment of BiostatisticsAdaptive design of clinical trials;
simultaneous statistical inference; data confidentiality & privacy protection; sports statistics
Joshua YarrowJoshua Yarrow, PhDHealth ScientistMalcolm Randall VA Medical CenterSex hormones and bone density after SCI