Andrew Judge, PhD

Andrew Judge, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
College of Public Health and Health Professions.

Research InterestsPhysical Therapy Department
Dr. Judge’s research is focused on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms which lead to respiratory and locomotor muscle atrophy and weakness, with a predominant focus on cancer and disuse-induced muscle wasting. In this regard, most of the work in the past several years has focused on the role of the Forkhead BoxO (FoxO) signaling pathway, and its upstream regulation and downstream target genes. To address these questions Dr. Judge’s lab studies the response of cultured muscle cells and whole muscle to tumor and host-derived factors. Within these preclinical models his lab uses genetic approaches (gene transfer, transgenics, and knockouts) to manipulate specific proteins within the broad FoxO signaling network and determine the effect on gene transcription, muscle fiber size, and muscle function. In complimentary experiments, the lab also study the muscle pathology in biopsies obtained from cancer patients with low muscularity.

Degrees and Training

  • BS, Loughborough University, England
  • MS in Exercise Physiology, McNeese State University, Louisiana
  • PhD in Exercise Physiology, University of Florida.
  • Post-doctoral training, Boston University. During this time Dr. Judge was a National Space and Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) Fellow.