Ronald J. Mandel, PhD

Ronald J. Mandel, PhD
Department of Neuroscience
College of Medicine

Research Interests
Dr. Mandel’s major expertise is studying the effects of gene transfer in the CNS. His focus has been on recombinant adeno-associated viruses (rAAV) since 1995. He has characterized the properties of various rAAV serotypes in the brain and spinal cord, used rAAV to model genetic forms of neurological disorders, and has performed translational research to develop gene therapies using mice, rats, and primates. As shown in his publication record, he has performed several landmark studies on the characteristics of newer rAAV serotypes in various brain regions and identified brain immune responses to rAAV vectors that had not been previously appreciated.

Degrees and Training

  • BS in Physiological Psychology, Duke University
  • PhD in Physiological Psychology, University of Southern California