A. Daniel Martin, PT, PhD, FACSM

A. Daniel Martin, PT, PhD, FACSM
Department of Physical Therapy
College of Public Health and Health Professions

Research InterestsCenter for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation
Dr. Martin’s interest as a clinician and researcher has been in respiratory physiology and focuses primarily on the development and implementation of respiratory conditioning programs for lung transplant and ventilator dependent patients. The respiratory muscles are of interest because of the role they play in dyspnea perception, exercise tolerance and ventilator dependence. His research focuses on the effects of mechanical ventilation on the human diaphragm, and experimental human studies to attenuate or block the deleterious effects of mechanical ventilation on the diaphragm. He is also interested in clinical treatment techniques for patients experiencing difficulty being liberated from mechanical ventilation due to respiratory muscle dysfunction.

 Link to a short video of a human diaphragm being stimulated during surgery


Degrees and Training

  • BS in Physical Education, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • BS in Physical Therapy, University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences, Memphis TN
  • PhD in Exercise Physiology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville