Areas of Excellence

Center-Related Strengths of UF

  • Neuro-engineering (neurostimulation, neuroprosthetics, cell engineering)
  • Gene therapy (AAV)
  • Neuromuscular plasticity
  • Locomotion and limb function
  • Sensory function (proprioception and chronic pain)
  • Sepsis clinical research
  • Human physiology (sensory-motor control)
  • Neuroscience (neuroinflammation, neuroplasticity, ageing)
  • Integrated Health Science Center
  • Clinical Translational Sciences Institute

The core of the Center for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation is built by Investigators with interest in understanding and treatment of neuromuscular disorders that compromise respiratory and related non-respiratory movements.

Can we develop new strategies to treat respiratory and non-respiratory motor deficits in:

Spinal injury Cerebral palsy Down’s Syndrome
Motor neuron disease (ALS) Stroke Traumatic brain injury
Muscular dystrophies/Pompe Alzheimer’s Disease Dysphagia/aspiration
Multiple sclerosis Rhett syndrome Ventilator weaning
Polio/West Nile virus Parkinson’s Disease Lung disease
Spinal muscular atrophy Apnea of prematurity Chronic cough
Cancer cachexia Obstructive sleep apnea Toxins
Sepsis Heart failure Anesthesia (opiates)