Respiratory Muscular Biology

  • Barry Byrne (Pompe disease, gene therapy)
  • Barbara Smith (Pompe disease, diaphragm pacing)
  • Scott Powers (diaphragm atrophy)
  • Leonardo Ferreira (diaphragm atrophy)
  • Michael Reid (molecular biology of respiratory muscles)
  • Danny Martin (respiratory muscle rehabilitation)
  • Ashley Smuder (diaphragm atrophy; response to therapeutics)
  • Tom Clanton (inflammation in respiratory muscles)
  • Andrew Judge (sepsis, cachexia and respiratory muscles)
  • Elizabeth Barton (breathing limitations in Muscular Dystrophy)
  • Glenn Walter (imaging respiratory muscles, noninvasive measurement of muscle plasticity)


Patient Stem


intact Neuromuscular junctions

Image of intact Neuromuscular junctions (green-axon; red-acetylcholine receptors; blue-terminal Schwann cells)