Respiratory Neurobiology (Neuroplasticity)

  • Gordon Mitchell (respiratory plasticity, inflammation, spinal injury, ALS)
  • David Fuller (respiratory plasticity, spinal injury, Pompe disease)
  • Paul Reier (stem cell biology, spinal injury, cell-based therapies)
  • Don Bolser (respiratory control, cough, and airway defense)
  • Paul Davenport (respiratory control, sensation and airway defense)
  • Ron Mandel (AAV technology, tracing respiratory pathways)
  • Emily Fox (Phrenic/Diaphragm pacing as rehabilitative tool)
  • Elisa Gonzales-Rothi (respiratory plasticity induced by neurostimulation and intermittent hypoxia)
  • Erica Dale (spinal stimulation induced phrenic motor plasticity)
  • Erica Levitt (mechanisms of opioid-induced respiratory depression)
  • Leah Reznikov (neural innervation of the airways, cystic fibrosis)