Respiratory Neuroengineering


Rat primary motor cortex with an implanted microelectrode array (MEA). The MEA is visible as a shadow in the center of the image. Cell-type specific antibodies show the locations of microglia/macrophages (Iba1, red), oligodendrocytes (RIP, cyan), and astrocytes (GFAP, yellow) in this optical section. The scale bar is 200 µm.

  • Jack Judy (advanced neural-interface technology and systems, autonomic neuroengineering)
  • Kevin Otto (neural interfaces, multi-channel implantable micro devices for neural stimulation, autonomic neuroengineering)
  • Erica Dale (neurostimulation and functional recovery of breathing capacity after spinal injury)
  • David Fuller (spinal stimulation and recovery of breathing activity with opiate-induced respiratory depression and spinal injury)
  • Paul Reier (combined fetal cell grafts and neurostimulation to repair the phonic motor circuit after spinal injury)


  • Glenn Walter (imaging of respiratory muscles, noninvasive measurement of muscle plasticity)


  • Christine Schmidt (neurostimulation for neuron regeneration after peripheral or spinal injury)