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Social & Science in JAX: Sept. 29 with Dr. David Berlowitz

Join the BREATHE Center and the UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville for our upcoming Social & Science on Friday, September 29 (4:30-7pm). This special session will be hosted in the Swisher Conference Room at UF Health-Jacksonville (580 West 8th Street, Tower I, 10th floor, Jacksonville, FL 32209)! Dr. David Berlowitz, Professor…

BREATHE Members Explore Potential Benefits of Respiratory Strength Training in ALS

BREATHE members, Drs. Emily Plowman, James Wymer, and BREATHE T32 alumnus, Dr. Lauren Tabor-Gray were recently published in Neurology. Their article “Respiratory Strength Training in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Multicenter, Sham-Controlled Trial” evaluates the short-term physiologic and one-year functional impact of a 12-week inspiratory and expiratory respiratory strength…

BREATHE T32 Alumni Present at World Dysphagia Summit 2021

Dr. Lauren Tabor-Gray and Dr. Alicia Vose BREATHE T32 alumni Alicia Vose, PhD and Lauren Tabor-Gray, PhD presented their research at the 2021 World Dysphagia Summit held in Nagoya, Japan this past weekend. Dr. Vose and Dr. Tabor-Gray were the 2020…

BREATHE Clinical Director Recognized for Trending Article in Muscle and Nerve

Dr. Emily Plowman, BREATHE Clinical Director and Director of the UF Aerodigestive Research Core, was recently recognized for having one of the most read articles in Muscle in Nerve for 2018-2019. It is still one of the Top 5 most downloaded articles this month alone, despite being published in July 2018.