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Adrienn Varga Wins 2020 Early Investigator Prize

Dr. Adrienn Varga, BREATHE Training Program alumnus (mentor: Erica Levitt, PhD), received the Respiratory 2020 Early Investigator Prize from the Journal of Physiology for her publication “Differential impact of two critical respiratory centres in opioid-induced respiratory…

Emily Plowman Earns National Award for Mentorship

Steering Committee member and BREATHE Training Program Clinical Coordinator Emily Plowman, PhD, was awarded the 2021 Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship from the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Nominations for the Landis Award were initiated by current and former trainees.

Open Predoc & Postdoc Fellow Positions

Be part of the BREATHE Training Program! We invite predoctoral and postdoctoral students to apply for our NHLBI-funded T32 Program. If you are interested in respiratory neurobiology, respiratory muscle biology, swallowing/dysphagia, airway defense, therapeutic and pathogenic intermittent hypoxia, or clinical translation, BREATHE might be the place for you! Because, like…

NeuroNines: Benevides and Welch

Thursday, May 13, at 9 am the NMPT and BREATHE Training Programs will host Neuromuscular Plasticity Nines featuring Rehabilitation Science PhD student Ethan Benevides (mentor: David Fuller) and Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Joseph Welch (mentors: Gordon Mitchell & Emily Fox). Register via Zoom.

Graduate Student Diversity Research Day

In celebration of Diversity Week and Graduate Student Appreciation Week, the UF BREATHE Center was pleased to co-sponsor Graduate Student Diversity Research Day. The Organization for Graduate Student Advancement and Professional Development (OGAP) and the UF…