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NeuroNines: Benevides & Welch

Thursday, May 13, at 9 am the NMPT and BREATHE Training Programs will host Neuromuscular Plasticity Nines featuring Rehabilitation Science PhD student Ethan Benevides (mentor: David Fuller) and Dr. Joseph Welch (mentors: Gordon Mitchell & Emily Fox). Register via Zoom.

BREATHE Members & Trainees Receive APS Awards at EB 2021

Experimental Biology (EB) is the annual meeting of five societies that explores the latest research in anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. This international meeting is the highlight of the year for many BREATHE researchers and, despite being virtual this year, EB2021 was no exception. During…

Editor’s Choice Review: Silent hypoxaemia in COVID‐19 patients

One mystery of COVID-19 is the occurrence of silent hypoxaemia, a condition where some patients experience dangerously low levels of oxygen in the blood without apparent awareness or discomfort (often misleadingly termed “happy hypoxia”). In a recent Editor’s Choice 2021 Review in The Journal of Physiology, Center…

Alicia Vose Awarded Sumiko Okada Fellowship

Former T32 trainee and current rehabilitation science postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Alicia Vose, was awarded the prestigious Sumiko Okada International Fellowship from the Dysphagia Research Society for her work “The Role of Anticipatory Postural Adjustments in Swallowing Airway Protection Accuracy.” This research grant honors Sumiko Okada,…