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NeuroNines: Evans & Rock

Thursday, August 3, at 9 am, the NMPT and BREATHE Training Programs hosted the final NeuroNines session featuring Elizabeth Evans (mentor: Charles Ellis) & BREATHE T32 postdoc Dr. Kelly Rock (mentor: Krista Vandenborne).

NeuroNines: Fusco & Olsen

Thursday, July 27, at 9 am, the NMPT and BREATHE Training Programs hosted a NeuroNines session featuring Anna Fusco (mentor: David Fuller) & BREATHE T32 postdoc Dr. Wendy Olsen (mentor: Nicholas Napoli).

NeuroNines: Marciante & Mir

Thursday, July 20, at 9 am, the NMPT and BREATHE Training Programs hosted a NeuroNines session featuring BREATHE T32 postdocs Drs. Alexandria Marciante (mentor: Gordon Mitchell) & Michela Mir (mentors: Gordon Mitchell & Emily Fox).

18th Annual Neuromuscular Plasticity Symposium

Hosted by the Department of Physical Therapy in collaboration with the BREATHE and Neuromuscular Plasticity NIH-funded T32 Training Programs, the 18th annual Neuromuscular Plasticity Training Symposium was held on March 23-24. The symposium gives predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees the chance to highlight their cutting-edge research through data blitz and poster…

Dr. Adrienn Varga Appointed as Assistant Professor in Neuroscience

BREATHE T32 alumnus, Dr. Adrienn Varga has joined the Department of Neuroscience as their newest Assistant Professor. Dr. Varga’s research focuses on determining the cellular, circuit, and network-level mechanisms whereby respiratory control neurons in the brainstem interact with central circuits to shape each breath. Current…

BREATHE & NMPT T32 Trainee Meet-Up

The BREATHE and NMPT T32 training programs, directed by Drs. Gordon Mitchell and David Fuller, decided to join forces for a lunch at the newly renovated Swamp Restaurant. Trainees got a chance to meet and catch up with peers, as well as discuss their future career…

BREATHE Postdoc Appreciation

BREATHE knows the value that postdocs bring to our center and to the advancement of our mission. This National Postdoc Appreciation Week, we went around and gave our current cohort of Gators a homemade sweet treat & a little center swag in recognition of all their hard work. In…