Why BREATHE and University of Florida?

  • The Breathing Research and Therapeutics (BREATHE) training program combines strength in basic science, translational research and a supportive environment provided by the Center for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation (CRRR) and the University of Florida. Our program features state of the art research methodologies, and an integrative bench to bedside perspective to develop a greater understanding of and treatments for neuromuscular disorders that compromise breathing and airway defense.
  • The BREATHE Training Program is allied with several prominent Centers in addition of Center for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation . The BREATHE trainees will benefit the collective strengths in other Centers, providing unique interdisciplinary research and training opportunities.

  • Unlike most Comprehensive Medical Centers, the units of UF Health Science Centers are in close proximity and the short passages between are filled with nice weather. The Colleges of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Public Health and Health Professions line a central quad, At the end of the quad is the MCnight Brain Institute which houses the Center for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation.