Center Kickoff Event August 28_2015

Center for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation

Our goal is to translate basic research discoveries to treat neuromuscular disorders that limit breathing. The Center brings together interdisciplinary researchers from throughout the University of Florida in a collaborative effort to advance the understanding and treatment of neuromuscular disorders that compromise respiratory and non-respiratory movements.

Main Research Areas

  • Neural control of breathing in health and disease, with an emphasis on plasticity in respiratory motor control
  • Respiratory muscle biology in health and disease
  • Airway defense, including mechanisms that protect (coordination with swallowing) or clear (cough) the upper airways.
  • Translation from molecular biology to human diseases, and to develop novel treatments for devastating neuromuscular disorders that compromise movement. Major clinical disorders under investigation include spinal cord injury, ALS, muscular dystrophy, Pompe disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and many others.

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