Mentor Monday

Center members including assistant professors, post-doctoral trainees, graduate and undergraduate students, and technicians participated in “Mentor Monday”, an event sponsored by the Department of Recreational Sports on October 19, 2015. Mentor Monday promotes informal interactionsbetween mentors and mentees. Dr. Elisa Gonzalez-Rothi and her mentee, Anna Stamas, came in first – Congratulations!!

Group photo with participants (left to right):


Alec Simon (technician), Yasin Seven (post-doc), Orinda Hobson (undergraduate student), Latoya Allen (senior graduate student), Marisa Ciesla (graduate student), Daryl Fields (MD/PhD student), Elisa Gonzalez-Rothi (assistant professor), Anna Stamas (undergraduate student), Kristi Streeter (post-doctoral trainee), Mia Kelly (technician and future graduate student). Not pictured but in the group were Shreya Patel (undergraduate student) and Raphael Perim (post-doctoral trainee).