BREATHE Training at UF


The T32-funded Breathing Research and Therapeutics (BREATHE) Training Program combines strength in basic science and translational research to educate predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees. Our program features state-of-the-art research methodologies and an integrative bench-to-bedside perspective to develop a greater understanding of and treatments for neuromuscular disorders that compromise breathing and airway defense.

Our goal is to develop a unique cohort of researchers with strong foundations in respiratory neuromuscular biology and an appreciation for the realities of translational research in our attempts to develop treatments for impaired breathing and airway defense. BREATHE seeks to provide trainees with:

  1. A well-developed and comprehensive conceptual framework embracing similarities and differences between clinical disorders that impair breathing capacity/stability.
  2. The technological know-how to perform meaningful investigations in animal models and humans with spontaneous disease.
  3. The professional skills necessary to succeed in a competitive research environment.

The BREATHE Training Program is allied with several prominent centers and is housed in the Breathing Research and Therapeutics Center located in the McKnight Brain Institute at UF. BREATHE trainees not only benefit from the collective strengths from other centers but also the unique interdisciplinary research and training opportunities available at UF, including through our home department, Physical Therapy. Because, like the NIH, we firmly believe that trainees from diverse backgrounds and life experiences bring different perspectives, creativity, and individual enterprise to address complex scientific problems, individuals from historically underrepresented groups, with disabilities, and/or from disadvantaged or underserved backgrounds are highly encouraged to join the BREATHE Training Program.

Learn more about Gainesville, FL, and the graduate and postdoctoral resources available to BREATHE trainees below.

our local community

Gainesville, FL

Gainesville, FL, is a vibrant and eclectic community in the heart of North Central Florida. Where else can you enjoy world-class performing arts, visit a farmer’s market, and see wild horses all in the same day? With over 8 state parks and several crystal-clear freshwater springs, as well as local breweries and music venues, Gainesville is truly where nature and culture meet.

downtown Gainesville

a home for graduate students

The Graduate School

Graduate education at UF is accomplished in a decentralized model. Most elements of the various graduate programs and activities are designed and managed by academic units in accord with the principles and traditions of their fields. The Graduate School provide students with the resources and support mechanisms that will help them to succeed.


a home for postdocs

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs serves the postdoctoral community by orienting and connecting postdocs to resources to support their professional development and well-being, while working to enhance the visibility of their contributions to UF’s research mission.