Center-Sponsored Events

International Online Series

CoBAD Online Seminars

This series invites speakers from across the world to cover key elements of control of breathing and airway defense.

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Bringing together our members

BREATHE Center Retreat

The UF BREATHE Center Retreat is held at the beginning of the calendar year and provides trainees the opportunity to socialize with faculty and invited speakers.

BREATHE Retreat 2020

Building a Clinical RoadMap

Intermittent Hypoxia Workshop & Retreat

Our workshops and retreats feature laboratories interested in intermittent hypoxia, its physiological impact, and its therapeutic potential.

IH Workshop

Informal Scientific COnversations

Social & Science

This series provides our center members and trainees with a unique opportunity to learn from leaders in the field while engaging with them in an informal setting.


fostering student engagement

Neuromuscular Plasticity Nines

This weekly seminar series is held in the summer months and consists entirely of student presentations. Each week, two PhD students provide a 25-minute scientific presentation on their research topic, followed by a brief question and answer period.

Neuromuscular Plasticity Nines

showcasing research advancement

Neuromuscular Plasticity Symposium

The Neuromuscular Plasticity Symposium is held in March of each year. Three internationally renowned experts in the field of neuromuscular plasticity and rehabilitation are invited to present a platform presentation, meet with T32 program trainees and faculty mentors, and provide feedback on the progress of the T32 program.