Jeremy Prieto, MS

Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL

Jeremy Prieto

Year I became a Gator: 2015

Department: Electrical Engineering

Mentor: Nicholas Napoli, PhD

Research focus: My research focuses on utilizing different signal processing techniques to capture and analyze human physiological signals, with the intent of linking these signals to find subtle differences that could lead to larger findings.

What drives me: I am driven by my curiosity about the correlation between Electrical Engineering and the human body and the challenges it brings.

What I like most about the BREATHE Training Program: I am relatively new to the program and have not fully experienced what the BREATHE Training Program has to offer. I am looking forward to delving into the plethora of opportunities the program has to offer.

What I like about Gainesville: The locality of Gainesville. It is a completely different atmosphere from where I grew up, and I quite enjoy that. It leads to new experiences that will be great memories later.

Why I chose BREATHE at the University of Florida: The BREATHE Training Program provides opportunities to collaborate with researchers from many different disciplines that will largely help my understanding of the field as someone from a different area of experience.

What makes the BREATHE Training Program unique? The BREATHE Training Program provides a great opportunity for networking and many opportunities for training to heighten our knowledge in respiratory neuromuscular systems.

What I do for fun: I love to watch and play sports, specifically baseball, I enjoy playing video games, cooking, listening to music, and traveling.