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Emma Schachner Publishes Bird Lung Study in Nature

Soaring birds — like osprey, eagles, falcons, even vultures — can stay aloft in the air seemingly forever, rarely flapping their wings. They glide along rising air currents in a way that has fascinated humans and scientists for centuries. Now, an international team of researchers led by University of Florida evolutionary…

Alyssa Mickle & Anna Fusco Awarded Brian W. Robinson Endowment Grant

BREATHE T32 predoc, Alyssa Mickle, and MD-PhD student in Dr. David Fuller’s lab, Anna Fusco, have been recognized as recipients for this year’s Brian W. Robinson Endowment Grant for the Neurosciences. This distinguished grant aims to foster neuroscience research aong students enrolled in PhD, MD (Resident), or…

Barry Byrne Named to Florida Inventors Hall of Fame

BREATHE member Dr. Barry Byrne, director of the UF Powell Center for Rare Disease Research and Therapy and a gene therapy pioneer with about 23 patents in the field, will be inducted into the 2024 class of the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame in the fall, the organization announced May 30.

BREATHE at APS Summit 2024

BREATHE members and trainees were in full force at the American Physiological Society Summit in Long Beach, CA. Beyond presenting 20 posters and 6 oral presentations, BREATHE helped sponsor the Control of Breathing Mixer: Hot Topics in Respiratory Control and organized the Marilyn Menker Trainee Highlights Breakfast, which was led…