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CoBAD: Pitts

The fourth installment of our Control of Breathing and Airway Defense (CoBAD) International Online Seminar Series featured Teresa Pitts, PhD, on Friday, July 17. An assistant professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Louisville, Dr. Pitts’s research brought to light the…

CoBAD: Levitt

The third installment of the CoBAD series featured Erica Levitt, PhD, on Friday, July 10. An assistant professor of pharmacology and therapeutics at the University of Florida, Dr. Levitt’s research is focused on understanding how opioids modulate neurons in the respiratory network to cause breathing disturbances.

CoBAD: Watters

The second installment of our CoBAD International Online Seminar Series featured Jyoti Watters on Friday, June 26, at 3:00 pm ET. A professor of comparative biosciences at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a recognized expert in signal transduction and gene transcriptional mechanisms in…

CoBAD: Burstlet Quartet

Our series began with Jack Feldman, the world-renowned, distinguished professor of neurobiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and 3 generations of the Feldman Lab, including Kaiwen Kam, Christopher Del Negro, and Sufyan Ashhad. This “Burstlet Quartet” presented: “A…